I'm working on the open-source light-weight online analytical processing (OLAP) framework called Cubes and stream based data analysis and quality measurement framework Brewery.

Visit Databrewery or rather Fork me on Github for more.

In this list are only projects (or rather parts of the larger projects) that are considered public.

Public Projects

Open Public Procurements of Slovakia

Portal for browsing aggregated reports or detailed contracts from Public Procurements of Slovakia. Features: drill-down, slicing and dicing of data cubes, search in multidimensional dataset.

Screenscraping and ETL of Public Procurements of Slovakia

Process that raverses public procurements portal of Slovakia, scrapes the text of bulletins, trasforms it into a structured format. The the structured data are loaded into a database, cleansed. Finally data were transformed into analytical form, ready to be used by a reporting web application.


Web application publishing, searching and managing data in form of datasets. Interesting features: customisation of data presentation format, functionality to croudsource feedback about data quality on record level.