You have data? Or you think you might have data somewhere and you do not know how to get them? You want to know what the data say?

You know what you know to get from your data, but you do not know how? Or you want to know what you can get from your data?

You want to know what is the quality of the data you are using? You want to know whether and how and to what extent the quality can be improved? Or at least how it can be measured?


  1. First, we talk. You explain your problem, and together we prepare a requirements specification.
  2. If we are clear on what has to be done, I design a solution.
  3. I analyse and prepare your data.
  4. If required, I provide you with software to automate data processing and data monitoring.



Languages and environments: Python, Ruby, SQL

Databases: SQL: PostgreSQL, Oracle 8 to 10, NoSQL: MongoDB, CouchDB.

Data Mining: SPSS Clementine

Requirements Specification

Data Automation


Data Audit

Data Cleansing

Data Quality Monitoring

Data Architecture design

Extraction, transformation, loading